Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival

Spælimenninir i Nólsoy

The band, “Spælimenninir í Nólsoy” goes back to 1986, when Erlendur Simonsen, Charles Gade, Hilmar Joensen and Michael Thomsen started to play folkmusic together and had some venues, mostly in their hometown Nólsoy, which is a small village with a little more than 200 people, and where Shetland people have visited a couple of times.

Mostly Old Time Dancers with late Mimie Bruce, Winnie and Allie Flaws, Jim Halcrow, Roy Greenwald and a lot of other grand people. And the people of Nólsoy revisited Lerwick and had a great time around the islands and had dances in Shetland Hotel. What a laugh we oftenhad. And very nice memories.

The band has been playing allmost all the time since then, but with different musicians, all though Hilmar and Michael have been the backbone of the band througout the years.

For some years now the crew has been very stabil with Finn Hansen, 1st. Accordion, Hilmar Joensen 2nd. Accordion, Kim Hansen, piano/ keyboard and vocal, Angelika Hansen, violin, Michael Thomsen, base, Ívar Bærentsen, mandolin and guitar, and Brandur Jacobsen, drums.

Spælimenninir have always had a repertoire from Nordic, Irish, Scottish and North American origin, but during the last years they, especially  Angelika, Kim and Ívar, have composed a lot of folkmusic  - all with inspiration from Faroese heritage, music and nature.

Spælimenninir do have venues in Faroes : conserts, birthday parties, weddings, festivals a.s.o. but they have also had the opportunety to play at festivals in Denmark and in Iceland – so it is with great joy and gratefulness that they now can add Shetland to the list of venues.

It has for a  long time been a wishful dream to come to Shetland for the SAFF, and they look very much forward to meeting you all – and to have a great time in your wonderful Islands.       

Spælimenninir i Nólsoy is Playing at the Following Concerts