Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival

Graeme Mitchell Scottish Dance Band

The band was formed in 1982 and, apart from Graeme, two members, Brian Cruickshank and Gordon Duguid are still in the band today.  Graeme and the band played at the first festival in 1988

Graham Mitchell Scottish Dance Band 

Graeme Mitchell came to Shetland first, in the mid 1970s where he spent many an informal music session in the company of Ronnie Cooper and Drewy Hawick. Drewy acted very much as a chauffeur/guide and general provider of all historical knowledge necessary, when visiting the islands for the first time. Ronnie knew the places where you were assured of a nice welcome, a refreshment and a good piano. Ronnie’s unobtrusive style of accompaniment and musical tastes were to become a great source of inspiration to Graeme.  Both he and Ronnie had a common respect for the playing of Bobby Macleod.

Graeme formed his band in 1982 after graduating as a school teacher and two of these members, Brian Cruickshank and Gordon Duguid are still in the band today.  In the 34 years, quite a lot of change has been witnessed, but Graeme continues to follow the musical thinking that seemed so natural for him, at the time he was having informal tunes with the likes of Ronnie Cooper.

The band in the 30+ years have played all over Scotland, and have covered the whole spectrum of gigs available for such a band – dances, ceilidhs, weddings, accordion clubs, broadcasts, LPS, DVD, tapes, CDs, television, stage shows and foreign trips.  Having done all that, Graeme is of the opinion that there is nothing better, than sitting down and playing for a good going dancing crowd in a good hall. The band is very much looking forward to doing just that in Shetland and renewing acquaintances with old friends.  It is also working noting that Graeme and the band played at the very first Shetland Festival in 1988.

Graeme Mitchell Scottish Dance Band is Playing at the Following Concerts