The 33rd Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival will be held from Thursday 6th October – Monday 10th October 2022

Complimenting the Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Club, the annual festival is organised by a Committee of 11 volunteers and is a non profit organisation. It is financed through ticket sales, membership sales, a large fundraising programme including raffles, events and concerts. Sponsorship by local businesses and organisations are also essential to meet the festival running costs. The festival is the highlight of the year for many and is enjoyed by all ages and out reaches to the many communities of Shetland.

Over 60 invited visiting musicians, including Full Scottish Dance Bands, smaller groups and solo musicians as well as countless local musicians , bands and groups form the basis of the festival. The festival is also attended by various Scottish traditional dance groups, enthusiasts and tourists from all over the country. Locals and visitors alike purchase tickets to attend the various concerts, dances and events throughout the weekend.

Festival Hub : The world famous Festival Hub is setup for the weekend in the Islesburgh Community Centre and is the main focus of the festival. Open for most of the weekend from morning until morning! The Hub is the centre of the festival where Hub pass holders and musicians can meet, mingle, listen and dance to many of the formal and impromptu music sessions played throughout the day and night. There are also Bar facilities, a Café and a shop where tickets, merchandise, CD’s and books can be purchased.

The festival consists of a packed programme of events including:

Concert/Supper/Dances - held on Thursday and Friday evenings within local community halls throughout Shetland. These 8 outreach concerts are organised in partnership with the halls and showcase the talents and musicianship of local and visiting musicians. This is followed by a traditional Shetland supper provided by the community hall volunteers. The visiting Dance Band then plays for the remainder of the evening to allow the guests to take part in traditional Scottish dancing.

Festival Hub Concert & Dance- These are held on Thursday and Friday evening in the Festival Hub and include visiting and local artistes culminating in a dance played by a visiting Scottish Dance Band. Please note only Festival Hub pass holders can attend these events.

Youth Concert – This is held in the Festival Hub on a Saturday morning to a packed audience and showcases the incredible upcoming young musical talent home grown here within the Isles. Please note only Festival Hub pass holders can attend this event. A Saturday only Festival Hub pass is available to purchase.

Grand Dance – The highlight of the weekend for many is the Grand Dance held within Clickimin Centre on Saturday night. The formal dance attracts over 600 guests and consists of 7 hours of non stop traditional Scottish Dancing with 10 of the worlds best Shetland and Scottish Dance bands providing the entertainment.

Sunday Concerts – These normally sold out concerts are held simultaneously between the Garrison Theatre and the Festival Hub and are a final chance to see the best of the visiting artistes that have played throughout the weekend.

Visiting Artistes

  • The Alan Crookston Ceilidh Band
  • Burns Brothers Ceilidh Band
  • Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band
  • Jim Gold Band
  • Susan MacFadyen Scottish Dance Band
  • Shona MacFadyen
  • Roddy Matthews
  • Andy Philip
  • David Vernon
  • The Shands
  • Susie Simpson Trio
  • Skeldro
  • Odd Arne Halaas Trio
  • Colin Donaldson Trio

Local Artistes

  • The Callum Nicolson Dance Band
  • The David Halcrow Band
  • Leeshinat
  • Da Fustra
  • The Cullivoe Band
  • Yelena Anderson
  • Andy Kain
  • Maggie Adamson
  • Linda, Pauline & Margaret
  • George Spence & Bryden Priest
  • Bryan Gear and Violet Tulloch
  • Astryd & Kaela Jamieson
  • Kirsten Hendry
  • Mary Rutherford
  • Magnus Williamson
  • Ian Cruickshank
  • Bruce Peebles
  • Brian Morrison
  • Brendan Scollay and Friends
  • Michael Philip
  • Alan & Gemma
  • Skalva
  • The Callum Irvine Band
  • Ness Accordion and Fiddle Club
  • Northmavine Fiddle and Accordion Club
  • Heritage Fiddlers
  • Kirmirren
  • Shetland Fiddlers Society
  • Westside Fiddle and Accordion Club
  • Langstrings
  • High Level Hot Club


  • Festival Hub, Islesburgh Community Centre, Lerwick
  • Community Halls, Supper/Concert/Dances
  • Clickimin Centre - Grand Dance, Grand Dance
  • Garrison Theatre, Final Concert