The 35th Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival is being held from Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th October 2024

Approximately 60 invited musicians from out with Shetland, including Full Scottish Dance Bands, smaller groups and solo artistes form the basis of the festival. They are joined by approximately 180 local musicians performing individually or within groups and clubs. The festival is also attended by members of various Scottish traditional dance clubs and attracts traditional music enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world.

The festival consists of concerts and dances held throughout Shetland over the weekend. It showcases visiting and local artistes, who perform to a large number of people at a variety of venues. It also provides opportunities for attendees to take part in traditional Shetland and Scottish dances.

The hub of the Festival is located in the Islesburgh Community Centre based in Lerwick and this forms the central focal point of the festival. Various Concert/Supper/Dances are also organised in 8 rural locations throughout Shetland and provide an outreach to local communities. A Youth Concert is also organised which showcases Shetlands up and coming talent as well as many informal sessions and performances throughout the weekend. The main event of the weekend is the world famous Grand Dance which is held in Clickimin Centre and provides approximately 6 hours of live music for dancing, performed by ten different Shetland and Scottish Dance Bands.

The weekend cumulates in a Final concerts held simultaneously in The Garrison Theatre and the Festival Club and showcase some of the very best performances of the Festival.

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